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We promised to provide you with some information regarding the funding of CFFC. All information contained in our articles has been obtained from CFFC Internet sources, public documents of its supporters, tax returns, and a book published by Human Life International compiled and written by Brian Clowes, Ph.D. We of The Defender highly recommend the reading of the book which may be obtained by calling (301) 670-7884. All information is verifiable and easily obtained.

Between 1980 and 1994, CFFC reaped more than $8 million in grants from U. S. foundations promoting abortion and population control as well as a homosexual lifestyle. Some of these foundations are notorious, mortal enemies of the Catholic Church and everything for which it stands. Currently, the prime targets of CFFC are the Hispanic peoples in the Western Hemisphere and the global Catholic Church.

The largest contributor to CFFC has been the Ford Foundation (NOT to be confused with the Ford Motor Company; there is no connection between the two.). This foundation has poured over $2 million into CFFC pockets between 1982 & 1994. Remember that CFFC was granted tax-exempt status and thus the Ford foundation gets a huge tax write off and is thereby able to further its population control programs. In 1993 alone, the Ford Foundation provided grants of more than $22 million for reproductive health and population control activities around the world.

CFFC’s second largest sugar daddy during this period has been the Sunnen Foundation. Since 1979, and through much of the 1980’s, the Sunnen Foundation’s yearly grants of $70,000 to $100,000 were the largest received by CFFC and kept their rotten organization afloat during the lean years. The Sunnen Products Company of St. Louis, Missouri is a machine tool manufacturer which also produced EMCO contraceptive foam as a sideline before selling it to Johnson and Johnson. Sunnen’s extreme dedication to abortion and anti-Catholicism is well known.

Number three spot is held by the John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, the bestower of the so-called ‘MacArthur Genius Awards’ to brilliant and talented persons. It’s assets of $3 billion or more comes from the vast fortune built primarily by Mr. MacArthur through Banker’s Life and Casualty Company of Chicago, the nations largest health and casualty underwriter. The foundation has made some huge grants to CFFC had has been a major funding source for abortion and population control activity, particularly in Latin America. During 1993 alone, this foundation awarded grants for such activities of over $10 million.

Rounding out the top five in total funding to CFFC during this time frame, are the Cleveland based George Gund Foundation and the Educational Foundation of America of Westport, Connecticut. The Gund Foundation began with the purchase of the decaffeinated coffee firm which became Sanka Coffee under Kellogg’s and General Foods auspices. The Gund Foundation has long been a funder of abortion and population control groups, including Kissling’s old outfit, the National Abortion Federation and the Pre-Term abortuary in Cleveland. Since 1981, they contributed at least $481,208.

The Education Foundation of American was established in New York in 1959 with funds donated by Richard Prentice Ettinger. He was the founder of the Prentice-Hall Publishing Company. EFA has funded many abortion and population control organizations with a minimum of $462,900 going to CFFC. In 1993 alone, grants were made to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood) and other grants going to three PP affiliates, and to the Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in St. Louis, Missouri.

Total organizational funding of CFFC during the period 1980 – 1994 was: 1994-$1,147,000; 1993-$1,252,300; 1992-$799,429; 1991-$1,474,983; 1990-$709,400; 1989-$309,625; 1988-$518,000; 1987-$348,200; 1986-$200,500; 1985-$282,000; 1984-$180,000; 1983-$247,500; 1982-$218,060; 1981-$213,603; 1980-$163,750; and, prior to 1980-$74,447 for a grand total of $8,138.797.

At the beginning of 1993, CFFC managed to compile, through grants received, a total of $124,678 in cash held in non-interest bearing accounts, and $798,805 in savings and temporary cash investments for a total of $923,8095. At the end of 1993, the non-interest bearing cash holdings had declined to $97,045 while the savings and temporary cash investments increased to a total of $993,546 for a total of $1,090,591 in fully liquid cash. This even after an expenditure total that year of $1,306,193. Pretty good for this type of organization.

Large sums of money were given to promote abortion in Latin America; even though abortion is, or was, illegal everywhere on that continent. Over $1.5 million was poured into CFFC’s Latin America abortion agenda during the period of 1986 to 1994, with the MacArthur foundation alone contributing $900,000. The Noyes Foundation helped CFFC open branches in Uruguay and Mexico. Also, hundreds of thousands of dollars were pegged to promote abortion among U.S. Hispanics. Altogether, about a quarter of CFFC’s known income was used to persuade Hispanic mothers to kill their unborn children. Why do we allow this to continue? Why are these foundations allowed to fund and participate in the MURDER of innocent babies?

Could it be that Catholics are afraid of conflict and no longer have the courage of their Faith? Has the media coverage which has fostered anti-Catholicism for so long finally cause us to become like the turtle and retreat into our ‘shells’ at the first sign of danger? When perverts desecrate our churches we should act as a unit and bring the full force of justice upon them. We have forgotten that alone we are only one, but Catholics united and working together would be the most powerful force in our nation.

Ordinary Catholics can make a difference, when they are truly informed Catholics. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of the principal directors of these funding corporations are known. We should write or call them at their offices and homes. Ask them why are they funding a self-styled Catholic organization which really has zero true Catholic membership? Why are they involved in promoting anti-Catholicism? Why are they interfering in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations by promoting sterilization, population control, and abortion in nations where it is illegal?

We entreat all of you once again; be properly informed! Call HLI at (301) 670-7884 and order Catholics For a Free Choice by Brian Clowes; also, order Call to Action or Call to Apostasy by the same author. These books contain a wealth of information that you should have in your home.

Become as one and stand tall for your Faith.

John Burke


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